Other Products

The Vinyl & Aluminum Warehouse offers a variety of other products and services to our contractors & the general public:

Custom Aluminum Flashings

 We are using the heaviest residential gauge Aluminum flat stock (0.0235) to provide you with Custom Aluminum Flashings for many different uses. Some examples of use are finishing touches on the exterior trim of a window or door, covering areas of the home exposed to the elements, wrapping wood and much more!

Simply draw an end view profile drawing of the piece you require to be made accompanied by the measurements and length. We have many in stock colors to choose from to suit every homes needs.

 In some cases please allow up to 24 hours for orders to be completed.

Aluminum Shutters

 We manufacture our own custom sized aluminum shutters. Aluminum shutters come in the louvered style and are a non operational decorative shutter. There are 12 colors to choose from to compliment the windows and doors on your home.

Standard width of a shutter is 13½” but can be customized and the length can be specified up to a max of 120”.

Custom Shutters Are Made Within 24 Hours.

Tools & Sealants

We carry a variety of siding and installation tools that will make your job or project even easier. From snips to caulking guns to siding removal tools and more, we only carry high quality and North American made brands that will last: Malco & Midwest.

We carry in stock, the Van Mark II Trim Master Aluminum Brake. The lightweight brakes are 124lbs and a length of 10’6”. They feature a 14” throat for deeper bends, Power lock bar for providing stronger and tighter clamping pressure for crisp clean bends and increased bending radius for easier hemming and over-bending.

Supra expert is the top of the line Mulco caulking. Supra Expert is a bubble free thermoplastic sealant with a superior and permanent elasticity that remains flexible in the coldest of Canadian temperatures. There are over 16+ different colors of Mulco Supra Expert in stock at the Aluminum Warehouse.

We also carry Mulco Gutter Seal for sealing all joints and cracks in your eavestrough system.

 Additional colors of Supra sealant can be ordered in full box quantity.

 Additional Products

  • Aluminum Columns
  • Aluminum Hand Rails
  • Aluminum Railing Systems
  • Aluminum Flatstock
  • Low Expansion Foam
  • Low Expansion Foam Guns/Cleaners
  • Single Pane Aluminum Storm Doors
  • Single Pane Aluminum Storm Windows
  • Soffit Screws & Nails
  • Specialty Vinyl Shakes & Stone
  • Velux Skylights
  • Vents, Gable Vents, Fixture Blocks.